Alternatives - Electric - Hybrids

Opti-Bike (best electric bike, "like riding with Lance Armstrong's legs")

Tesla Motors (Top Speed: 125 MPH, Range: 244 miles, 0-60 MPH: 3.9 seconds)
Chevy Volt (Coming 2010)
Phoenix Motorcars (Top Speed: 95 MPH, Range: currently 130 Miles with 250 available 2009) Actor Ed Begley Jr. drives one

Fisker Automotive - Hi-Performance, great web site
Hybrid Center
Hypercar (concept)

Natural Gas (CNG)
Honda Civic GX (refuel at home or any CNG station)
Alternative Fuels Station Locator US Dept of Energy (E85, CNG, Propane, Hydrogen, Biodiesel)

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